How To Setup & Dial In Your Red-Dot Sight

Many people say that red-dot sights shouldn’t be used in paintball because “the guns aren’t accurate enough.” Well, if said people are thinking of those optical zoom sights then yeah sure, they’re absolutely right. Here though, we’re talking about red-dot sights, which are perfectly fine and even add to performance if used correctly.

Say you order a red-dot, put it on your marker and that’s that. When you go out to play, raise that sight up and take aim….do you honestly think you are going to hit your target first shot? Unless you get incredibly lucky, chances are you won’t. So in order to achieve greater accuracy with your red-dot sight, you have to have it properly setup on your marker.
First- Mount your sight, and make sure you’ve got good, new(or semi-new) paint to use in your test fires. Old paint will fly in all different directions and lead you nowhere in dialing in your sight.

Second- Find something to shoot at. Not too far, but definitely not too close.(Preferably something round.)

Third- Turn the sight on and center the dot on your target.

Fourth- Keep your red-dot centered on the target, and fire 3 shots. Take note of where they hit. For example, let’s say all three shots went high and right. You now need to adjust your sight.

Fifth- Find the windage adjuster on the sight. This moves the dot left and right. Since you hit to the right, you need to turn the windage adjuster to the left. Fire 3 shots at the target and continue to adjust your red-dot sight until your shots are center on the target.

Sixth- Now that your shots are centered, you can adjust the elevation. This obviously moves the dot up and down. Since your shots hit high, you need to turn the dial down. Repeat step Five until your shots are dead center on the bulls-eye. You now have successfully set up your red dot sight.

Remember, occasionally you’ll have to re-adjust your sight simply because of it getting bumped around and such. Also, different paint flies different ways. Just repeat the process and you’re good-to-go.
The best thing to do now is run out to a few games to get used to the feel of your new sight. Break it in, have fun with it, shoot people in the mask, you know…

Here are some  links to several different brands of and types of red-dot sights to get you started and on your way!
Brass Eagle


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