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Cleaning Your Marker

Keeping your gun clean and lubed can be annoying at times, but having a marker that’s clean that you can play with all day long without having to sit out a game or two to clean the barrel from breaks or fix a jam is so much better. Thus, in this post you’ll learn how to clean and maintain your marker in some pretty straight-forward, simple steps.

1) Disconnect your air source. Before you do ANYTHING, make sure that your air source is removed from the marker. You may even want to dry fire the marker once or twice. On occasion, excess air can get trapped inside the marker.
2) Layout your Dis-assembly/reassembly instructions. For all of you who just refuse to use instructions, have fun. For those of you who actually want to take apart your marker and piece it back together properly, use the instructions. If they didn’t come with your marker, use Google or Bing. The internet is huge – your instructions will be around somewhere.
3) Clean your barrel. Run a squeegee through it to get out any dirt, oils, paint that may be in there. Then rinse it with warm water (inside and out)and pull a paper towel or soft cloth through it. Pull your squeegee through again and make sure that your barrel is dry.
4) The internals of your marker should be taken out by now. Some markers these days are made so that you are able to run a squeegee through the body.If your gun is made this way, then run your squeeg through it. For those back parts, lips, and corners that the squeegee just can’t get to – use Q-tips, papertowels, or a toothbrush.
5) Clean out any dirt/debris/paint from your grip-frame. Unless you are experienced with repairing/tinkering with paintball guns, I do not suggest you take apart the trigger assembly. If you decide to take it apart anyway and don’t know what you’re doing – good luck fixing it.
6) Clean your bolt and hammer/striker pin with warm water and a paper towel or soft cloth. Make sure that you dry these pieces completely. Inspect the o-rings on both carefully, making sure they aren’t dirty, stretched, torn, or broken. This is where most air leaks are caused. Thus, actually look at them. Don’t just skim over your o-rings.
7) Inspect the other o-rings and replace any that that are cracked, dry, or just don’t look normal in general. Also check out the other insides for repairs or replacements. Things to look for would be straightness of springs, loose or broken screws, etc…
8 ) After you’ve looked over your o-rings and internals, go ahead and lube up the inside with paintball marker oil. Using oil or lube made for other things will likely damage your marker since the consistency and make-up is different than penis made specifically for your gun. Don’t use too much, but don’t use too little. Take special notice to the moving parts. When you lube your o-rings, put a dab on your finger and run it around the o-ring. Apply it very lightly.
9) Reassemble your marker according to the instructions and if available chronograph it before using it again.
10) You’re finished. Put your gear on and go play!

That’s it. Simple as that. After you’ve done this a few times and have gotten used to/adjusted to how to take it apart and where things go, it won’t take you more than a few minutes at a time to clean and care for your gun.
If there is anything you want to add, go ahead and post it in a comment! We love feedback!


Last Second StockingStuffers

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The Q-Loader

The Q-loader is the only loader available to feature helical drive technology. It is the fastest, lowest profile, and most upgradeable loader available. The q-loader feeds paintballs 36% faster than a Halo B and 58% faster than an Evo II. This performance translates to virtually zero misfeeds or ball chops. Not to mention, no more hopper hits.

The Q-Loader system features:

  • 30+ bps capability
  • 5 – 100 round capacity Q-pods
  • Helical Drive Technology
  • Fits all 5/8″ and 1″ feed necks
  • Torsion Spring Powered
  • Q-pod dimensions: 2-5/8″ diameter, 11-3/4″ length

    What’s Included:

  • 5 Q-pods (100 rounds each)
  • Mounting System
  • Reloading System
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Lifetime Warranty

    Another Desktop Wallpaper!

    VForce Grill Review

    Haven’t done a mask review in a minute, so I figure what better than the VForce Grill? Not only do they look awesome, but they are lightweight, very minimal fog, and the fit feels great.

    • ProVisor – Sun and rain protective visor
    • Integrated VFlector – Built-in forehead bounce panel for added face and lens protection.
    • QuickChange ThermoCured Lens – Lens interchangeability faster and easier than ever!
    • Featherweight Comfort – Ultra-light construction for unrestricted movement
    • Comfort Chin Strap – Increased stability for a faster game!
    • QuickChange / ClickDry Foam System – Revolutionary all-in-one QuickChange Comfort Foam. Fresh, dry comfort in a snap!
    • QuickChange Strap – Close-Contact Posi-Clip strap. Stays on… guaranteed!
    • Temple ComfortPads – Detachable dual system

    All of these features definitely add up to the price of the Grill, so don’t worry – you will get your money’s worth.  The Visor works great. It’s enough to where it shuts out a lot of sun and rain, but not too much to where it sticks out and give you totally away. The VFlector protects you from shots to the head. It won’t make the ball just bounce off, but it will allow it to hurt a lot less! The quick-change Thermo Cured Lens makes lens changing super simple. Not only is it easy to change, but Thermo Cured means that they will never if ever fog. In addition to no fog, Thermo Curing also increases the durability of the lens. The Grill is also suuuuuper lightweight. To the point where Featherweight is an accurate description for it. It is already padded for comfort, so that added to the lightweight already puts the VForce Grill on the “Most Comfortable” List for paintball masks. The Chinstrap makes this mask really stable during gameplay, so you don’t have to worry about it shaking or sliding around your face when you’re running, sliding, and diving.  All of this definitely adds up together making a comfortable, durable, lightweight, intimidating mask.
    If you’re thinking about buying this as a Christmas gift, make your purchase today for it to arrive on time! Not only that, but this mask comes with FREE FogTech anti-fog solution. Just click on the picture above for more details!

    Producing Stronger Shots from Your Marker

    Photo of a guy firing a paintball marker. Take...

    Image via Wikipedia

    Things You’ll Need:

    • Paintball Marker
    • Cloth
    • Paintball gun oil
    • Warm Water
    • High Press. Air Tank
    • 1)

      Clean your paintball gun using a damp cloth with warm water. Since paintballs are water soluble, you don’t need any kind of special cleaning solvents. Dirt and other stuff can simply be buffed off with a soft cloth.

    • 2)

      Conservatively add one to three drops of paintball gun oil to the moving parts of your paintball weapon. This includes the bolt, trigger and any hop-up systems in place on the marker. Self-lubricating bolts don’t need additional oil.

    • 3)

      Fire your marker a few times to drain the oil and lubricate the components.

    • 4)

      Use additional oil, one to five drops, in the barrel before game play. This additional oil will help to lubricate your marker, and thus decrease friction. This results in stronger shots due to higher velocity.

    • 5)

      Remove and change your paintball tank. CO2 tanks are notorious for offering only a small amount of adjustment. Switch to a nitrous or high-pressure air tank, as these offer higher regulator adjustments. The process for changing tanks will vary by paintball model.

    • 6)

      Adjust your paintball tank to a higher pressure setting. Higher pressure results in stronger shots as more air is forced through the weapon. This also varies, but is usually a matter of turning the knob on your air tank or built-in regulator.

    Desktop Wallpaper!

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